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She’s at it again! 4th nest at Green Dog

There’s a new nest, high up in the planter closest to our door. This one is cute, with 2 branches sewn together in an X. Lots of spider webs on this one – the last one was lots of lichen. Eggs laid Wed and Thurs (April 21 and 22 – Happy Earth Day!!!)

Hummingbird Hatchlings! (with updates)

The babies hatched March 5th and 6th, respectively, and are about the size of honey bees. The top one is the older one – slightly bigger already and has fuzz, the newer one below is more naked looking. You can see the remnants of eggshells under them (it’s funny – last year she chucked them… Read more »

Joy! Hummingbirds are back at Green Dog

Forgive the lack of posts recently – we’ve been in almost over our heads recently with many back of the house issues to contend with and gladly, we’re very busy in the front of the house, thanks to all of you! But I wanted to let you know that spring has sprung for us in… Read more »

Wrapping up the Hummingbird posts

Thanks dog and cat folks for tuning in to our hummingbird news! We wrapped up the season with a little drama. On August 1st we had our annual Fremont Fest celebration, which means the courtyard was crowded and noisy – live music seemed to make the babies even more restless than they had already been… Read more »

Hot Little Hummingbirds

Portland’s having a really hot week – it’s 106 degrees right now, and it might even get a bit higher. Mom and both the babies are staying very still, open-mouthed breathing. I’d do anything to get them some water, but it doesn’t seem very possible. I’ll have to trust that they’ll do as well as… Read more »

Starting to Get a Little Crowded

One interesting thing I noticed – on Saturday the 18th, one of the babies from the last brood showed back up and spent the day in the courtyard. All day long I heard him hopefully begging from mom (each time she left the nest or returned he’d vocalize like he used to) It was a… Read more »

Newest Hatchlings! (Anna’s Hummingbird babies)

If you haven’t been following along, we’ve had an eventful spring filled with lovely hummingbird babies hatching right outside our door. This is the second nest this season that she’s had in our courtyard. How lucky we are! (See older posts for the first nest photos and stories.) Mon July 13th – 1st egg hatched… Read more »

High drama

Yesterday was a busy one for mom, as there was a squirrel in the bamboo, and the fool thing seemed stuck up there. It clearly was physically OK and could have left if it wanted to, but it seemed paralyzed with some sort of deep-seated anxiety. He stayed stock still wherever he was, but mom… Read more »

Exciting day – flying!

Two days ago they looked really big. Their bills were getting longer, their feathers looked just about ready, and they were very visible from down below. From above it’s looking pretty tight in that nest Yesterday they seemed more upwardly oriented. One of them in particular started to seem really restless I got one of… Read more »