Starting to Get a Little Crowded

7/22/09 -  9 days old - filling up the nest

7/22/09 - 9 days old - filling up the nest

One interesting thing I noticed – on Saturday the 18th, one of the babies from the last brood showed back up and spent the day in the courtyard. All day long I heard him hopefully begging from mom (each time she left the nest or returned he’d vocalize like he used to) It was a busy day in the store, so I couldn’t watch too much and so have no idea if at some point during the day she relented and fed him, but the few times I saw them near each other she wasn’t acknowledging him. She didn’t chase him off either though. Wonder if he’s finding the big world harder than he thought. Guess it’s always worth asking mom for a handout.

Check out this amazing link about how incredibly fast the male Anna’s Hummingbird’s dive is during his mating display:

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