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Other Great Cat Links
Cat Centric – CatCentric’s mission is to advance feline health and well-being through helping cat owners, guardians and caretakers – that means YOU! – better understand what makes your cats tick and what they need to thrive under your care. Do you know what your cats should really be eating (it’s not what you think!), why they behave the way they do, and what they need from you to be healthy and happy? amazing resource written by Dr. Lisa Pierson, DVM. Diet is the brick and mortar of health.  This web page lays out some often-ignored principles of feline nutrition and explains why cats have a better chance at optimal health if they are not fed dry kibble. Incredibly useful articles on common health problems in domestic cats, including Urinary Tract issues, Diabetes, Hyperthyroid and more. Private phone consultations available.

Little Big Cat If you’re looking for reliable information on holistic health, behavior, and nutrition for your cat, or dog, or both, you’ve come to the right place! Holistic veterinarian Dr. Jean Hofve and cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy are here to help!

Other Great Links
Dr Karen Becker DVM,
a proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian, writes amazing articles. She believes the Art of Medicine is understanding not only the myriad of insults that create disease, but having an arsenal of non-toxic, innovative approaches to help unlock the innate potential inside a pet’s body for healing and recovery to occur. Her goal is to not just to identify the root causes of disease and degeneration in pets, but to prevent the body from breaking by taking a proactive stance towards intentionally creating vibrant, thriving animals.

Pet Fooled -Do not miss this excellent documentary on the troubles with the pet food industry and how to best support your pet’s health with nutrition. Available on Netflix and other places listed in this link.

Local Dog Resources

A list of Dog Friendly Patios in Portland
Note: A fabulous one that didn’t make the list is Bottles right down the road from us on NE Fremont. It has one of the prettiest patios in Portland and is very dog friendly (they even have doggie ice cream).
19 Dog Friendly Bars and Restaurants in Portland, Mapped

Training and Playcare:

Doggy Business – Personal Professional Pet Care Green Dog Top Pick! We’ve known them since 2004 and have referred many many happy customers to them. They offer private training and group classes that use only positive methods, dog walking, puppy socialization play groups and dog playgroups. No one does playgroups better in town, in our opinion. Many dog playcare businesses in town have far too many dogs and very few people to manage them. These environments can be stressful and overstimulating to some dogs, and when trouble breaks out, staff often has no choice but to use aversive methods to control the situation. In contrast, Doggy Business has small, well managed, aversive-free groups that include interactive play and training to challenge their minds as well as give them exercise and stimulation. These groups are run by certified trainers and are loaded with free play for the dogs, but they interrupt play frequently with training games such as group sits, downs, recalls, follow the leader, and agility games. The combination of structured training games and free play provides a great way to engage the  dogs mentally and physically. Their puppy socialization play group offers playtime with other dogs, but also gently exposes them to a variety of novel objects and noises, from shopping carts to vacuum cleaners, etc. COVID UPDATE: They’re still offering socialization classes (dro-poff) and puppy kindergarten (combo of Zoom and drop-off). See website for most current info

Heather OhmartGreen Dog Top Pick! We’ve known trainer Heather since 2004 and watched her train innumerable dogs, always with kindness and skill. She raises puppies for Canine Companions for Independence, she runs a puppy raising program for CCI dogs in a local women’s correctional facility, and also volunteers in the mental health unit there with her therapy dog. She has a deep interest in working with other therapy dog teams and partnering with Portland area therapists to develop innovative programs in Animal-Assisted Therapy. She has offered Board & Train services in Portland, and also provides in-home consultation and training.

Happy-Go-Lucky Dog  – Training & Playcare – they have lots of puppy and adult group classes going at any given time, and have some interesting classes like Rally Obedience and Action and Distraction. COVID UPDATE: some classes are still in session – see website for most current info

Wonder Puppy – on the West Side. Training and Boarding. Especially interesting and useful are their puppy playgroups: “Wonder Puppy offers “balanced playgroups.” Balanced playgroups are drop-in classes that combine controlled puppy playtime with basic skills and relaxation”, useful for socializing puppies, and wonderful for first time puppy owners. Also valuable is Day Training: “Day training is the perfect day of all things nurturing for your puppy. You can use this awesome service as a substitute for daycare, for days when you are extra busy, or days when you just need a break!” COVID UPDATE: classes are still available. See website for most current info

Plucky Puppy – Dog Training, Dog Walking and Pet Sitting as well as Puppy socialization play groups. COVID UPDATE: classes are still available. See website for most current info

Oregon Humane Society – OHS offers group classes (some are free), private consultations, workshops, puppy socialization play groups and a free pet advice and help line. Their training philosophy focuses on building a strong, healthy bond between a dog and his/her owner through positive reinforcement. COVID UPDATE: See website for most current info

Local Veterinary/Health Resources:

Dr. Keith Weingardt, Green Dog Top Pick! Animal Healing Arts of Portland – offers compassionate, holistic veterinary care that integrates the benefits of traditional western veterinary medicine with the powerful healing potential of acupuncture, nutrition, herbal medicine (Chinese and Western herbs), Reiki, chiropractic and homeopathy. If your pet suffers from chronic illness that you can’t seem to solve, we very much encourage a consultation with Dr. Keith in his unique, home-like clinic.  We are so grateful for his guidance to us at Green Dog, and our staff values his consultations so much for tricky health conditions that come up with our customers’ pets.

Two Rivers Veterinary Clinic Green Dog Top Pick! Your new favorite brick and mortar vet clinic! They provide excellent care that integrates traditional and holistic methods in a calm and friendly environment. Many of our staff rely on Two Rivers for their regular veterinary care, and they have been a valuable resource for information to us as well.

Kenton Animal Hospital – Kenton Animal Hospital is an independent, female owned, integrative veterinary care clinic. See also their partner Cathedral Vet

Irvington Veterinary Clinic   clinic with some Holistic options right on Fremont St.

Dr. Lisa Hoberg, DVM, CVA Holistic in-home veterinary care

Lombard Animal Hospital Dr. Nell Ostermeier – Veterinary clinic that integrates holistic treatments such as acupuncture and Chinese medicine

Dr. Darcy Hoyt – At home veterinary acupuncture

Compassionate Care – Home Pet Euthanasia, Portland OR – Green Dog Top Pick!

Hawthorne Veterinary Clinic Holistic Clinic

Holistic Pet Vet Clinic  Holistic clinic in Tigard

Holistic Vet List – Find a Holistic Vet in your area

PNW Visiting Vet – Mobile veterinary and surgical visits in Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR. Emergency care on case-by-case basis as well as euthanasia services, as well as vet care for horses. Good idea for those terrified of the clinic or those pets that can’t be easily transported.

Emergency Care:

VCA Northwest Emergency Clinic
16756 S.E. 82nd DRIVE
TEL: (503) 656-3999

VCA Southeast Portland Animal Hospital 24/7 Emergency Care
Phone: 503-255-8139
Fax: 503-257-2081
13830 SE Stark St.
Portland, OR 97233

Dove Lewis 24/7 Emergency Care
driving directions
24-Hour ER & ICU Animal Hospital

1945 NW Pettygrove
Portland, OR 97209
503 228 7281

Therapeutic Resources:

Back on Track Rehabilitation Green Dog Top Pick!

Heal Animal Massage Green Dog Top Pick!

Local Rescue/Adoption:

Petfinder – can input zip code for local avaialble pets

Oregon Humane Society

Animal Rescue and Care Fund

Multnomah County Animal Services


Photos of available dogs at Multnomah county

Family Dogs New Life

Best Friends Animal Society – not local but a great rescue you can visit and help

Low Cost Spay and Neuter Options and Low Income Resources:

Feral Cat Coalition

Animal Rescue and Care Fund

The Pongo Fund The Pongo Fund is Oregon’s only full-time charity focused on fighting animal hunger. Providing quality food and vital veterinary care for the family pets of anyone in honest need, keeping them safe, healthy and out of the shelters. Green Dog Pet Supply has a long history of partnership with The Pongo Fund – read more here and here

The PAW Team The Portland Animal Welfare (PAW) Team saves lives, alleviates suffering, and keeps pets and people together by providing free veterinary care to the pets of people who are experiencing homelessness or extreme poverty.

Other Local Links:

Dignified Pet Services

Family Animal Services

Pet Sitting – Portland Pet Sitters

Lost and Found:

Tips for how to find a lost pet

Dove Lewis’ Lost and Found Pets Page

Multnomah County lost and found

Oregon Humane Society’s Lost and Found Page

Green Links:

Redirect Guide – Portland/Vancouver Area’s Healthy and Sustainable Lifestyle Directory

Portland Bureau of Sustainable Development

My Green Kitchen: The Ultimate Guide To Recycling and Eco-Friendly Life

Terracycle – you can recycle some surprising things: Attention Weruva cat food pouch feeders, Britta filter users, granola bar eaters, contact wearers, guitar players that change their strings, and smokers: you can recycle these things and many more entirely for free with Terracycle!

Green Chefs/Blue Ocean

Chef’s Collaborative

Non GMO shopping Guide

Environmental Defense Fund Seafood Selector – Recycling Info – find out where to recycle things in your area

The Environmental Living Magazine – Great articles with Green Living Tips

Recycling 101

Grist – an environmental blog

Tree Hugger – Green blog

Ecofriend – Green blog

Pristine Planet – The Eco-Friendly Shopping Mall


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