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Fun Video of Canine Freestyle Dancing

Fun video of dog and handler dancing Freestyle is a fun dog sport where human and dog perform complex routines together to music. Although I can’t help thinking Freestyle is a tad goofy with its costumes and routines, I am also in awe of how much you can accomplish with positive training, and I think… Read more »

Play Games With Your Dogs for Science!

Fun idea! You can play games with your dog and contribute data to the science of dog cognition at the same time. Ever wonder how your dog measures up to other dogs in the way they think and problem solve? This program’s evaluation component could be a fun thing to see! For more info, check… Read more »

Hilarious! Cat loves to be thrown onto the bed

This is really so darned cute – that cat is loving the feeling of being thrown over to the bed – he’s so excited – you can just see him saying “Again!” and running back to the guy to do it again. The cutest part for me is how clearly he’s being asked to be… Read more »

Dog Parkour (Barkour?)

Holy Cow – you know that crazy thing called Parkour where guys jump from building to building, taking crazy athletic risks in an urban obstacle course type activity? Check out this cutie pie dog in the Ukraine that does exactly that. I can’t help envisioning an ACL surgery at some point, but you have to… Read more »

Popcorn Kittens

seriously – if you’re having a bad day, watch this video and the one I posted before it. You’ll have to crack some sort of smile.