Foods We Carry at Green Dog

Here is a list of the current foods we carry at Green Dog Pet Supply
Last Updated 11/20

Some of our guidelines for pet foods:
Our criteria for foods are that they all be made from human grade ingredients. None of our foods have corn, wheat or soy and are naturally preserved. We also make every effort to evaluate the safety standards of the company that manufactures the foods, seeking transparent companies that have 3rd party inspections with excellent marks for manufacturing safety and quality control. We also want to ensure that ingredients like fish meal are not pre-preserved with chemical preservatives that would not be on the label, and that companies are making an effort at sustainability with sourcing. We try hard to avoid factory farming of meats (especially battery cages for poultry, feedlots (CAFOs) for cattle, and gestation crates for pigs). We are opposed to the use of traditionally farmed salmon in foods and treats, though some new farming operations show promise with practices that earn them 3rd party certification for sustainability and rigorous testing for contaminates.  Our treats and foods contain no chemical preservatives, nitrates, propylene glycol, carrageenan, beet pulp, or artificial flavors/colors. Note: We can often special order foods for you that are not stocked on our shelves.

Raw Food Meals and Toppers:
Answers Foods (dog and cat raw foods, as well as Fermented Goat’s milk, Fermented Cow’s Milk Kefir, Fermented Turkey Stock and Fermented Fish Stock, Probiotic Cheese Treats, fermented chicken feet and fermented pig’s feet)
Green JuJu
Lotus Raw Cat Food

Nugget’s Bone Broths
Primal foods (raw cat and dog food) and bones
Rawr (raw cat food)
Small Batch (cat and dog raw food)
Vital Essentials (raw cat food) and treats (dog and cat)
Frozen raw sardines, turkey hearts, chicken necks, duck necks, turkey necks, tripe patties.

Gently Cooked:
Open Farm Gently Cooked
A Pup Above
My perfect Pet (limited skus)

Freeze Dried/Dehydrated Foods and Toppers:
Honest Kitchen (dehydrated dog foods)
Green Juju

K-9 Natural and Feline Natural (freeze dried cat and dog foods and toppers)
Primal (freeze dried dog foods)
Stella and Chewy’s (freeze dried cat and dog foods and toppers)
Small Batch (freeze dried dog foods, toppers and treats)
Vital Essentials (freeze dried cat and dog foods and treats)

Kibbles (dry dog food):
Farmina N&D Pumpkin (dog) and Prime (cat)
First Mate (cat and dog)
(Grain Free & Grain Friendly, and Kasiks for dogs)
Nature’s Logic (cat and dog)

Nature’s Variety Be Naturals (dog) and Instinct (cat)
Nulo Freestyle (cat and dog)
Nutrisource Grain Free (dog, select flavors)
Open Farm (cat and dog)
Pure Vita (cat and dog)
Stella and Chewy’s Raw Blend, LID Duck and Turkey, and Raw Coated (dog)

BFF (cat)
Caru Stews (BPA Free Boxes for dogs)
Feline Natural (select flavors)
K-9 Natural (select flavors)
First Mate (cat and dog)
Hound and Gatos (dog)
Identity (cat and dog)
Koha (select flavors)
Lotus (select flavors)
Nature’s Logic (cat and dog)
Nature’s Variety Instinct (cat)
Nulo (cat and dog)
Open Farm Stews (BPA Free Boxes for dog)
Stella & Chewy’s Stews (BPA Free Boxes, dog and cat)
Tiki (cat)
Weruva (cat, most flavors and dog, select flavors)

Check out our blog posts on how to read a pet food label and learn which ingredients to avoid (and why):

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9 Responses to “Foods We Carry at Green Dog”

  1. Paulette Bethune-Montes

    California Gold – Small Dog Pet Food
    organic rolled oats, red & green bell peppers, carrots, broccoli, parsley, garlic, zinc, selenium, kelp, Vit. A, Vit. E, Vit B6 and B12, Vit D-3, folic acid and more. You add the meat of your choice. I was told this is a good food for pugs. What do you think of it?

    I feed Missy a diet of boiled chicken and rice and 1/2 cup of origen 6 fish dog food kibble.
    Paulette,Mark and Missy

  2. Green Dog

    Hi – I’m not very familiar with it, but it does look fairly good. I wish there were more information on the site about the sourcing of their ingredients or how the food is prepared (cooked and kept cold? Cooked but shelf stable before you open it? dehydrated? freeze dried?) I also don’t see instructions for how much meat to add, whether it should be simple muscle meat without bone, etc. We do love any move away from an entirely processed food diet, as long as there is good attention to balance. It seems like this product would be balanced, as long as the vitamin mineral packet is used and the meat added. I don’t love the no-meat formula if it were used by itself, especially because the vit/mineral pack isn’t included (I can imagine that there are plenty of people who might order this formula over and over without adding the packet or pursuing other ways to balance the meal). It would be appropriate for short term feeding though, if meat were added. Good instructions for making food at home that’s safe and balanced can be found in this article:, in case you wanted to simply add to what you’re already doing.

  3. Nora Beach

    Some of the foods you carry contain AGAR which looks pretty much the same as carrageenan. Care to explain?

  4. Green Dog

    Hi – Though Agar and Carrageenan are both thickeners made with types of seaweed, there is quite a bit of evidence that carrageenan has the potential to be carcinogenic. From what I’ve read, Agar doesn’t have the types of inflammatory properties that carrageenan has. Our concerns were with the study that found that all samples of food grade carrageenan that they tested were contaminated with degraded carrageenan, which is carcinogenic. In a perfect world, thickeners wouldn’t be used at all, as there are minor concerns with it interrupting the intestines’ ability to absorb nutrients as efficiently, etc. However, I’ve never read anything that indicates that Agar has the same concerning side effects that carrageenan has. This is why we like commercially made raw foods best, as they are made from whole foods without added flavorizers, thickeners, preservatives, unnecessary carbohydrate binders and fillers, and often without synthetic vitamins and minerals.

  5. Melanie

    I discovered Wild Callings at your store and my cats love it! And I have to give you guys props: you are cheaper than Amazon! So even though I live on the coast, your store will become a monthly reason I come to Portland.

    Melanie, Monty & Lilly

  6. greendog

    No – sorry. Food would be especially expensive to ship. Each brand should have a store finder on their website – hopefully you can find something close to your area. Even Petco has a few of the brands we carry like Nature’s Variety and Nulo. If you have an independently owned pet supply store near you, they may be able to order these brands from their distributors. Good Luck!

  7. April

    I was wondering about Petkind ingredients: Wild Salmon, Water, Quinoa, Potato, Blueberry. I’m trying to find a safe canned food for my 16 year old girl who is having a hard time with her kibble but finding those foods are driving me crazy.

  8. greendog

    I do like the company, and like that they’re not using synthetics, carrageenan, etc. They do use traditionally farmed salmon and feed lot beef though, so we don’t carry flavors that have those ingredient.

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