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It’s time for the 4th again!

Hi – As fourth of July is coming up, I want to remind everyone of a few safety tips: – under no circumstances should animals be left outdoors during that night – too many pets panic and do crazy things to get out. Many many animals wind up in shelters after the 4th for this… Read more »

Home Alone – Funny Video

So the story that’s being passed around with this is that the homeowners couldn’t figure out why the pool furniture, etc were all soaked with water when they came home, and thought neighbor kids were sneaking in while they were gone and using the pool. They set up a camera. Whether or not this is… Read more »

Green Dog is on the Move!

Note: this post was created several years ago – we finished renovations and moved into the new space in July 2010! That’s our sales counter, on its way to the new location! We were told by the guy who built it that it shouldn’t be moved, as it would likely crack (it’s more than 1000lb… Read more »

2 Pet Food Recalls this month

Natural Balance is recalling its Sweet Potato and Chicken flavor dry dog food for possible contamination of Salmonella. See This link for details. Iams “ProActive Health” cans have incorrect levels of Thiamine in them – this can cause severe symptoms such as vomiting and seizures in a very short period of time. There are reports… Read more »

Popcorn Kittens

seriously – if you’re having a bad day, watch this video and the one I posted before it. You’ll have to crack some sort of smile.

Hilarious Baby Plays with Hilarious Dog

I imagine any mother would be envious of this duo – baby’s happy, dog is happy and getting exercise, mom gets a rest and a dose of entertainment. What’s not to love? Make sure to turn up the volume! See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.