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Great Post About How to Tell if Your Dog is Overweight

Just stumbled upon this great post and wish I had written it myself. Do you know how to recognize if a dog is overweight? So many dogs are overweight that it starts to look “normal” – check out these great tips for how to determine what is lean vs. underweight, or “solid” vs. fat.

Green Dog Received Gold Certification for Sustainability

By Green Dog Pet Supply The City of Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability has a certification program to identify Portland’s Greenest businesses. It’s a fairly thorough process, with site visits to verify the information given on a lengthy checklist of possible actions of sustainability. In 2013, 45 actions were required for Gold Level, and… Read more »

Carageenan and Our Quest to Change the World One Ingredient at a Time

By Green Dog Pet Supply At Green Dog, we have some rules about what food we do and don’t carry. However, sometimes there are ingredients that we learn about along the way, and when we do more research, the time comes to evaluate whether we want to keep the products that contain it. We never… Read more »