Essential Information About Ticks and Your Dog

As usual, Holistic Vet Dr. Becker has written a fantastic article that I want to share with all of you. This article about tick prevention and tick born diseases is well worth reading and contains very valuable information. I encourage you to follow the link to read more!

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The Very Best Way to Protect Your Pet from Ticks

By Dr. Becker

Last year around this time I had quite a battle with tick exposure with my own dogs, Violet, her brother Esau, his mate Ada, and my little Boston terrier, Rosco.

I thought I would share the entire saga with you, since summer is upon us once again and it’s shaping up to be an extra bad year for pests and parasites. Hopefully, I’ll provide some helpful information to those of you with pets that have tested positive for a tick-borne disease – or might before the season is over.  Read More….

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  1. Claire

    This article discusses what happened AFTER the dog tested positive, not, as the title suggests, any sort of PREVENTION. Please discuss least toxic preventative measures pet owners can take. Thanks

  2. Green Dog

    Thanks for your comment! You’re right in a way, as it does imply that it’s more about prevention, and I think she meant it as The Very Best Ways to Prevent Tick Borne Illnesses. Her point is that by testing proactively every 6 months for exposure to tick borne illnesses can keep you ahead of the game on preventing serious illness if you live in areas that are heavy with risk for tick borne diseases. Another point she makes for prevention of illness is about checking your dog for ticks on a daily basis and removing them quickly, as it takes 24 hours for disease to be transferred to the dog. However, she stresses the testing, as she says, testing twice a year for at risk dogs caused them to see “dozens of patients that tested positive on routine screening. Most shocking was the fact that only a few owners of those dogs could recall finding a tick on their pet”. She also mentions that she doesn’t like chemical preventatives, as they are getting more and more toxic every year, and ticks are showing chemical resistance these days, which is concerning. Here at Green Dog we like Mad About Organics topical spray. Non-toxic enough to use every day, it seems to be doing a great job repelling them and preventing attachment. We also like the “Tick Twister” for safe removal of ticks. Hope this helps! Sorry I can’t change the name of the article, as I didn’t write it. 🙂

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