Snow Day!


Our winters are usually a little wetter than white, but we do get the occasional snow storm. This one’s a good one with lots of fluffy snow, and a lot of happy dogs and kids playing in it. We made it into work, as we’re New Englanders with a bit of experience with this situation, and we don’t live far from the store. We had lots of fun seeing our neighborhood regulars off from work and out playing in the snow. This is a beautiful photo of Abby and Cooper enjoying it, snug in their locally made winter jackets. Also check out this cute photo of one of our customers’ miniature horse, Bentley, playing in the snow. Yippee!


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  1. Michelle W.

    Cute pictures! Bentley is having a blast…how fun. Even my dog who hates being cold and wet and had never seen snow loved playing in the powder. I wish it would snow like that once every year — but no more than once!

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