Fantastic Videos to Help You Pick the Best Foods for Your Pets

These are two videos I wish I had made myself, as we have these discussions with people on a daily basis. I also wish Dr. Becker was here in Portland – I’d give anything to be able to refer customers to her veterinary practice, and to have her out to the store for lectures, etc. The good news is that she has a great website/e-mail newsletter that addresses so many important health issues for pets. I highly encourage you to sign up for her free e-mail newsletter, and to peruse the archived articles on her website.

Here are two short videos filmed at our friends’ store, “Bad Dog Frida” – a great independent pet supply store in Madison, WI.
This one tells you about the best types of foods to feed your pets:

and this one outlines the types of foods you should avoid and how to recognize them:

3 Responses to “Fantastic Videos to Help You Pick the Best Foods for Your Pets”

  1. Jane

    Great info! I just wish she didn’t keep referring to the “upscale pet boutique”. It makes it sound as if you have to be wealthy to feed your pets a good diet.

  2. Green Dog

    You’re right about that – it’s something people often assume about our store until they actually price compare and find out some of our prices are better than Petco’s!

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