Cool New Product – Bifido For Fido Probiotics

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This is the second post about a new probiotic we’ve brought in from Four Leaf Rover called “Bifido For Fido”.
Does your dog have chronic digestive upset?
Does your dog have frequent constipation?
Does your dog have chronically poor gut health?,
Does your dog have chronic bowel diseases like IBD?
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The proper balance and amount of gut bacteria are both critical to your dog’s health. “Bifido For Fido” is a veterinary formulated blend of probiotics and prebiotics designed to promote a healthy gut and immune system. It’s proven to promote diverse gut colonies. Each probiotic strain in BFF is carefully chosen for its ability to survive the stomach acid and reach the gut. Plus, they’ve added Saccharomyces boulardii, a special yeast that can battle Candida. It’s good for chronic issues such as chronic digestive upset, frequent constipation, chronically poor gut health, or chronic bowel diseases like IBD.  It should help during occasional loose stool issues. (Chronic loose stool issues might be better managed with “Protect” probiotics.

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FOS: Fructooligosaccharides – a prebiotic. Prebiotics help fuel probiotics. Prebiotics are insoluble, indigestible fibers. When your dog eats these fibers, they travel to the colon and the bacteria that live there eat them. (or technically ferment them). That’s why prebiotics are so important. They feed the probiotics in your dog’s gut. This helps grow, restore and maintain a healthy gut flora. Without prebiotics, probiotics are less effective and can eventually die off. 
Metabolites are created during fermentation (when probiotics eat prebiotics), the most important of which are short chain fatty acids, which inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, act as an energy source for colon cells, keeps cells lining the gut close together to prevent leaky gut, preserve electrolyte and fluid balance, form the protective layer of the gut, build up the immune system, reduce inflammation, protect against food allergens, and help the body absorb nutrients. They also create functional proteins like Enzymes, Peptides, Polysaccharides, Cell surface proteins, and organic acids.  All these things are why it works well for chronic digestive issues. They also help with the immune system and leaky gut.

Organic Inulin from Jerusalem artichoke – Jerusalem artichokes, otherwise known as sun chokes, are not related to artichokes. They are a good source of vitamin C, an excellent source of iron, and contain high amounts of the prebiotic fiber inulin known for gut health.

Probiotic blend with 14 different strains (including both Bifido and Lactobacillus along with others) which can Produce B vitamins and vitamin K for improved health, Promote immune function,  Produce digestive enzymes for better digestion and promote digestive health.
Though lactobacillus strains shouldn’t be used right after antibiotics, they are very helpful in other situations. They can Inhibit growth of harmful bacteria, benefit immune cells, increase population of good bacteria in the gut, help regulate mood and emotions, improve colon health, and reduce IBS.

With any new supplement, we always encourage starting with a pinch, and slowly building up to the proper dosage

 Note: Bifido for Fido Probiotics can be added to or used alternately with Protect Probiotics and/or Gut Repair formula.

Introduce Bifido for Fido slowly to let them adjust to the soluble fiber.

All probiotics are better protected by storing in the refrigerator.

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Photo courtesy of K. Luna

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Does your dog eat poop?
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