Green Tip – LED Christmas Lights

Now is a great time to pick up some LED Christmas lights on sale! If you were in our store between Thanksgiving and Christmas you might have noticed that we decorated with Christmas lights. These were actually strings of LED lights, which are an amazing innovation in Christmas lights – they’re incredibly durable (you can step on them and they don’t break), if one goes out it doesn’t affect the whole strand, and they stay cool to the touch when in use. Even better, they last about 25,000 hours (some even claim up to 200,000 hours) before burning out, and use 80-90% less electricity. If you’re getting rid of old strings of lights, make sure to find a place where you can recycle electrical waste instead of just throwing them away, as they often contain lead in the wiring/coating and shouldn’t be landfilled. LEDs are a bit more expensive but well worth it in the long run in energy savings and durability. Get some now while they’re on sale around town. Happy Holidays!

Welcome to the Green Dog Blog!!


Hello everyone! Welcome to our new blog. A fair number of our customers have said they don’t know what a blog is, so I’ll give you a rundown – I’ll be trying to post little messages here at least once a week. Sometimes they’ll be announcing an event, or a new product, sometimes I’ll write articles like I’ve done in our past newsletters. And sometimes it will just be something funny we’ve found on the web related to dogs and cats, or something funny that happened in the store, or I’ll post a photo of a cute new puppy customer. The neat things about blogs are that you can respond with comments to any of my postings, or ask questions about a post. Also, you’ll be able to search the contents easily, and find all the nutrition articles, for example. To that end, I’ll be slowly adding the articles you might have already read in past newsletters, just so others can see them and you can search them in the future if you’d like.

Check out a few other blogs to see how it works:

This is a blog that one of our customers, Bella the Boxer, writes.

Go Fug Yourself is a funny blog that makes fun of celebrity fashion “don’ts”.

The Candy Blog is by a woman that eats vast amounts of candy and reviews it.

I’ll still send out the occasional newsletter letting you know of upcoming events, etc but most of the action will be here on the blog from now on. I certainly hope you enjoy it, and that you’ll bookmark it and check in on it regularly to see new posts. Anything you’d like to see on here – just let me know!

Thanks to all of you for your support these past few years!