Lumps and Bumps? Warts? Cancer? Medicinal mushrooms to the rescue!

photo by Christine Mallar

Among MANY other benefits, medicinal mushrooms are amazing for supporting the immune system and for shrinking growths. We’ve seen amazing results! Papillomas (warts with a cauliflower appearance) are somewhat common in puppies or animals with compromised immune systems (cats too). They are viral in nature and can be transferred to other animals. We’ve seen great results, shrinking/eliminating them with medicinal mushrooms. We’ve even seen dramatic shrinking of large tumors! (See photos below)These medicinal mushrooms are non-hallucinogenic and non-toxic.

We carry 3 brands of Medicinal mushrooms: Four Leaf Rover, Bixbi ,and we also carry Lazarus Naturals Calming chews with mushrooms(we’d suggest rotating between them).

These medicinal mushrooms are carefully grown and selected and they contain both the fruiting bodies and mycelium. They are well researched and are reported to have the following benefits: Helping to maintain a normal inflammatory response, antioxidant protection, helping to support liver and kidney function, helping to support blood sugar and blood pressure to be within normal ranges, helping to maintain normal histamine levels, and supporting seasonal skin allergies.”

Four Leaf Rover says, “The mushrooms in Immunity have been hand-picked to help support your dog’s immune system. Our double extraction process makes sure that the beneficial beta-glucans and triterpenoids are bioavailable and ready to help balance your dog’s immune system. You can expect high-quality from Immunity because all of our mushrooms are grown on real wood in greenhouses. This is not a common practice, as one might think. Most mushroom products are mycelium and grown in bags of oats, sorghum or other grains. This process is cheaper for the manufacturers and the whole mushroom (which is the source of  beta-glucans and other active ingredients) is never actually used. This results in a “mushroom” product that lacks highly rich components your dog deserves. Even though the FDA doesn’t allow mycelium products to call themselves “mushrooms” on their labels (because its lacking key properties), it still happens. Manufacturers get around this by adding trace amounts of the fruiting body just so they can call their product ‘mushroom’.

Bixby says, “We take the full spectrum approach with mushrooms. We include mycelium, extra-cellular compounds, primordia, and fruitbodies. BIXBI supplements are certified organic by Oregon Tilth. Our mushrooms are also great for cats!”

Here are a few testimonials about Four Leaf Rovers Immunity mushrooms:
“I bought this product for my aging dog, to help support her immune system and in the hope that it would help with her fatty lymphomas. Not long after buying this mushroom powder and adding it to her food every day, I saw a reduction in the size of many of her lumps. She had a lump about the size of an egg in her throat area for years with no change in size. Now….I can hardly find it. She had one on the inside of each thigh and now they are less than half the size they were before. She had one in the front of her ear that had continued to get bigger, but now it is completely gone. While I can’t prove that this product is responsible for the shrinking lumps….I don’t know what else it could be. She had the lumps for years with no shrinkage until I started this product”

“I Had a 10-month old GSP diagnosed with IMHA. There are a number of antibiotics she can’t take because of her condition. On 8/31 she developed a papilloma on her lower right lip. By 9/15 it had turned into a cauliflower. I started her on IMMUNITY on 9/20 and by 9/28 the papilloma was gone!”.

And a few more success Stories about Medicinal mushrooms:

“I have an American bull dog who desperately needed skin support. We changed foods, added supplements, changed laundry detergent, weekly bathing. Nothing seemed to keep it at bay. I started adding this to her diet and we started seeing improvements right away. I wish the dosing was a little easier but I did ask some questions from the website chat and the person I spoke with had a sharpei with bad skin, and medicinal mushrooms were AMAZINGLY helpful! I hope to try more products in the future! I am recommending this to all my grooming clients with seasonal allergy issues”.

“My dog does Parkour Now! Our Dog I wouldn’t consider “old” but he just turned 6. He’s a shihtzu mix. He’s has pretty bad seasonal allergies, skin issues etc.. not only did this immensely help his allergies and skin issues but now I can tell he has so much more energy. Not that he acted old or anything, but I can tell that now he is getting so many more nutrients that he is happier and has more energy to jump and play around! We have definitely noticed lots of positive benefits that we weren’t expecting. It’s crazy how much happier and how much better your dog feels after getting the proper nutrition. We will definitely purchase again and recommend to literally everyone!”

Our most surprising customer testimonial about medicinal mushrooms was  this doberman who had a large tumor on her back right hock/ankle. Now you can’t even see where it was on that ankle.(Photos from V. Harrer)

Another exciting change was seen  when a long time customer brought her dog Fibonnaci last year for help with calming products for the upcoming July 4th. We hadn’t seen him in  little while and while I was greeting him, I noticed a lot of little growths had sprouted since last time I’d seen him. Especially significant was the one growth that was right on his lower eyelid. She mentioned  to me that he was scheduled to be removed, as it was irritating his eye. We went over to our supplement area and I showed her the Lazarus Naturals Calming chews. It occurred to me that it was also a good product to pick out as there were also Medicinal mushrooms in that formula, which I thought couldn’t hurt.

Several weeks later she came back into the store saying that the calming part of the Lazarus worked nicely for the fireworks, and that the size of the growth near his eye had shrunk significantly! They were able to cancel the surgery!

Fibonacci's growth

Before and after

– These recommendations shouldn’t take the place of a veterinary consult to get lumps and bumps diagnosed.
– Good reviews are many, but they don’t guarantee results for everyone.
– All new supplements should be started with a pinch and then build up slowly to the recommended dose to avoid digestive surprises.
– A little bit of canned food is a perfect way to make sure they get the whole amount of any supplement and also so that picky dogs agree to eat these new things.
– I take medicinal mushrooms myself, and I feel like they have kind of a strong flavor, but many reviews mention that their dogs love the taste!