Community Solar in Oregon – A win/win for customers and the planet!


Photo courtesy of www.Choose

You too can have solar power, even if you can’t afford to put panels up!
Oregon has a wonderful new program that supports the development of solar energy and also saves you money on your utility bills! We know that about 75% of carbon emissions come from extracting and burning fossil fuels, and that generating clean renewable energy with solar panels is a great way to curb these heat trapping emissions, but very few of us have the money to put solar panels on our houses! The good news is that this program allows us to fill out a quick form and “receive” the energy coming from solar panels that will be constructed in the coming year. You’ll be enabling this project that will provide new solar energy that will go into the grid, directly supporting clean energy. The best thing is that it will reduce your power bill by at least 5%! 

The credit you’re “buying” will be tracked right on your regular bill, but there’s nothing to buy or install. In fact, you won’t see “charges” until your solar project is up and running, and then, you’ll instead be seeing credits that offset your charges and in fact should show you a savings on your bill of 5% or more.
I’m excited by this plan, as it seems like a win/win No-Brainer! No extra charges, and savings when the project starts producing energy. Whether you rent or own your home or business, you can sign up for this program, and there’s even a program for low income subscribers. If you move locally, your community solar credits and savings move with you! If you move outside of the utility service area, you can transfer your credits to someone else or cancel the subscription. 
We’ve signed up Green Dog of course, and will sign up at home as well. It’s part of our bigger plan to slowly transition to cleaner, more efficient utilities at home that will ultimately save us money. Mike and I are having to replace a water heater soon, and we’re excited to sign up for Community solar and further support clean energy by switching our gas water heater to a cleaner electric heater that will also save us money in the long run and keep our indoor air cleaner too. 
Find out more about community solar here!