It’s time for the 4th again!

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Hi – As fourth of July is coming up, I want to remind everyone of a few safety tips:
– under no circumstances should animals be left outdoors during that night – too many pets panic and do crazy things to get out. Many many animals wind up in shelters after the 4th for this reason, or worse, are injured or killed because they’re not thinking straight. I’ve also heard nightmare stories of cats and dogs teased or tortured with fireworks by cruel people
– make sure not to bring a dog to a fireworks display – it can be too overwhelming and the sounds can be damaging to their ears. You wouldn’t want to panic the dog and then be stuck in a big crowd that’s hard to get out of. Better to leave the dog at home. However:
– make sure to exercise your pets well in the evening before the noise starts, so some nervous energy can be burned off.
– Make sure they’re in a secure area, and draw the blinds
– You can turn the radio or TV on in a normal volume, but make sure that the station won’t be broadcasting a fireworks display that night! Maybe an ipod on shuffle is a better idea
– Products like Comfort Zone pheromones and mild herbal relaxants like Happy Traveler by Ark Naturals can help some animals to get through the night. We also have a good chewable calming chew for cats from Pet Naturals
– Make sure your animals have up to date info on their ID tags, in case they do get out.
– Animals with mild anxiety can often be jollied out of it – make sure not to reinforce their fears with your behavior – see if you can make it game-time, or give the lucky pet a treat each time there’s a loud one. Sometimes if dogs think you’re having fun, they can be convinced not to worry as much. Things for dogs to chew on can also help to alleviate anxiety for them.
Good Luck!

Have any tips that have worked for you? Share them here!

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