more recall information

Hello – sadly, the recall is being extended to new brands and even a dry food formula. Here’s an article that explains the details well: 
As before, there is still nothing affected in any of the foods that Green Dog sells. All of our foods are made with “human grade” ingredients (ingredients are of the same quality as human foods, and are from the same sources). One interesting thing we’ve found out is that there are actually only a handful of canneries for pet food in all of North America, and Menu handles far more than the list of foods that were recalled. There are separate facilities for cuts and gravies than for canned foods.  As each brand of food is responsible for choosing the ingredients that are used, it really comes down to that – the quality of ingredients that are chosen. We feel confident that the brands we carry are diligent about the sources and types of ingredients they choose, and they are never choosing poor quality fillers and protein sources like wheat gluten over good quality meat proteins.

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