Is Table Food Really Bad For Your Pets?

This is a really great video – Holistic Veterinarian Dr. Karen BeckerĀ  describes so eloquently what we try to convey to people every day in the store. We humans certainly don’t thrive on a diet of processed foods alone – your pets also will never be able to achieve optimal health on a diet that doesn’t contain some whole foods.

So don’t be frightened of feeding some whole foods. Adding yogurt, bananas or cooked sweet potato to your dog’s Kong (you can even freeze this to keep her busy for a long time!) or providing fresh chicken, fish, or small amounts of organ meats to your cats and dogs as treats or as a food topper, or growing cat grass for your indoor cats are all great ways to supply some whole foods to the diet. When you cook foods, they lose some or all of their naturally occurring vitamins and digestive enzymes, which is why she calls whole foods “living”. As a final note, a great source of perfectly balanced whole food nutrition for our little carnivores are raw meaty bones (never home cooked bones – cooking makes a bone far more brittle and dangerous). Raw bones are also great for cleaning teeth and for keeping pets occupied!

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