Happy Thanksgiving!

Picture 1Happy Thanksgiving! Thought I’d chime in with a few reminders for keeping pets safe on Thanksgiving.

– Try to make time in the morning to exercise the dog, so they’re not too wound up when people start to arrive.

-Though some table scraps are OK (and sometimes inevitable if there’s a large group of people – someone’s going to drop something!), try to keep the amount small – many T-giving foods like turkey skin and gravy are very high in fat, and some animals could be prone to an attack of pancreatitis if they indulge too much.

– Watch out for turkey bones – though a raw turkey neck can be a fine treat for a dog, when poultry bones are cooked, they become brittle and dangerous.

– remember that onions, raisins and chocolate are all ingredients that are toxic to dogs.

– Watch out for novel plants and flowers that people bring as gifts during the holiday season – some can be very very toxic, like Lilies.

– Watch out for things like saran wrap and tin foil that are covered in food – dogs may ingest them

– If your animals are freaked out by chaos, it might be friendly to let them relax in a quiet room, away from the noise.

– Make sure your animals are wearing their ID tags, as people coming in and out may inadvertently let them out.

– Give the dogs something to keep them busy – a Kong stuffed with something moist and then frozen gives them something to work on (Merrick’s Thanksgiving Day canned food or canned pumpkin or plain yogurt would be fun treats!). Whatever your dog enjoys chewing on, have it handy for when you need to distract them.

– Keep your local emergency pet hospital’s number handy in case of accidents.

– Crazy things do happen – check out this X-ray photo of a St Bernard puppy that swallowed a whole carving knife – you can even see the long handle in this photo. Wow! Watch your pets to make sure they stay safe over the holidays – I’ll bet that knife tasted like turkey. Knife

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