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Dog Diagnosed with Megasophagus? Don’t despair!

  By Green Dog Pet Supply “Megaesophagus is a condition in which a dog’s esophagus is enlarged to the point that food remains in the esophagus and never makes it down to the stomach and is instead regurgitated. The muscle contraction and relaxation that normally takes place to move food down to the stomach doesn’t… Read more »

Have Fun and Be Safe on Thanksgiving

  By Green Dog Pet Supply So of course tomorrow, watch out for your pets when your house is full of people: Make sure if they’re overwhelmed they get moved to a quieter place in the house with a nice raw bone or bully stick or stuffed Kong to work on. Make sure they’re wearing… Read more »

Good News About the Latest Canine Vaccination Guidelines

By Dr. Becker The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) Canine Vaccination Task Force has updated their vaccination guidelines for 2011. According to Developed in a manner consistent with best vaccination practices, the 2011 Guidelines include expert opinions supported by scientific study, published and unpublished documents, and encompass all canine vaccines currently licensed in the… Read more »