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Happy Halloween! Fun Stuff and Tips

Happy Halloween! Fun Stuff check out this link to cute dog breed stencils for your pumpkin carving. The “real” link is here, but I can’t figure out where the stencils are for that one. Maybe you can. Beware of Toxic Things on Halloween Don’t forget to be on guard for dogs getting into that Halloween… Read more »

Mostly Garbage Pet Food

You might have seen this on SNL – we often think this is the rationale used by companies that make many grocery store brands of dog food

Fun video with some great dog training

Check out this great dog show video. There are some fun ideas in here for new tricks you can train (I always love the weaving through peoples’ legs, or jumping through a hoop you make with your arms), or it’s just a fun thing to watch!

2 Funny Videos

Check out this great dog trick! _gePEIFgdYM Some of you might remember this funny cat from a previous post Here’s a new one that made me laugh hard 3-inlzQxBRc

Foxes Jumping on Trampolines

c8xJtH6UcQY Here’s the original link to this video You know, there are actually people in the world that don’t believe that animals play. Apparently trampolines are fun for foxes everywhere – here’s another and these aren’t the only ones I found! IdPI50E0Zdo&NR=1

Cats are so Helpful

Here’s a funny link to a page detailing how “helpful” this person’s 2 cats are with the tree decorating. Looks like this is something the kitties look forward to every year.  Happy Holidays!

viral dog and cat videos

These two videos have been all over the internet these past few weeks. If you haven’t seen them, they’re worth checking out! Roomba Cat: LQ-jv8g1YVI Check out this completely insane dog: ONT4MQaEkJ0&feature=related