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Over Vaccination could be wrecking your cat’s health

This is an excellent article from Dr. Karen Becker on the dangers of over-vaccination in cats. It’s very relevant for dog owners as well. I’ve copied in in full below. There are excellent recommendations towards the end of the article. In a vaccine-related study of almost 32,000 cats, 73 developed inflammatory reactions after being vaccinated,… Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Thought I’d chime in with a few reminders for keeping pets safe on Thanksgiving. – Try to make time in the morning to exercise the dog, so they’re not too wound up when people start to arrive. -Though some table scraps are OK (and sometimes inevitable if there’s a large group of people… Read more »

Hilarious! Cat loves to be thrown onto the bed

This is really so darned cute – that cat is loving the feeling of being thrown over to the bed – he’s so excited – you can just see him saying “Again!” and running back to the guy to do it again. The cutest part for me is how clearly he’s being asked to be… Read more »

Dog Parkour (Barkour?)

Holy Cow – you know that crazy thing called Parkour where guys jump from building to building, taking crazy athletic risks in an urban obstacle course type activity? Check out this cutie pie dog in the Ukraine that does exactly that. I can’t help envisioning an ACL surgery at some point, but you have to… Read more »

Blue Buffalo Recall

In case you know anyone feeding Blue Buffalo dog food- there’s a recent recall to let them know about. Read about it here and here

Update on the rescue of 48 dogs

Many of you that shop in our store have been following the story of 48 dogs that were seized near the Gorge from a “breeder” who was not giving them food or water. In a perfect example of why you should never buy a dog off the internet, this woman had a beautiful website showing… Read more »

From Truth about Pet Food:”EPA document proves euthanized dogs and cats are rendered”

It’s a frustration that there is so little regulation as to what is allowed in pet foods, and so much regulation preventing better manufacturers from stating that the quality of their ingredients is sound. This means that companies using condemned meats are protected from having to reveal the content, source, or grade of their meats,… Read more »

Exciting New Green Technologies Are Afoot

I know this isn’t pet related exactly, but it’s so exciting to see that brilliant ideas like this are being generated. Imagine if we could start building these sorts of roads right away! I know these sorts of things might be a ways off, but consider how much of an impact this plan could have…. Read more »