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50 ways to Reuse your old Yoga Mat

I love this link – I practice hot yoga regularly and I really love it. But with all that sweating, I felt like I needed to replace my yoga mat. I put it in the closet, as I’m so loathe to throw things away if they can be reused, and I thought I must be… Read more »

Smart Animals

Check out this wonderful collection of smart animal videos. 6o63KAAX1BQ&NR=1

Eating Organic is better for you

Our local farmer’s markets are in full swing right now, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Living in Portland has really made us feel so much more connected to our local farmers – maybe because there are so many things grown here. It’s made us much more aware of not only how much more delicious… Read more »

Did You Know You Can Bring Your E-waste to Staples?

I just read something interesting today about the Staples company – they accept all sorts of e-waste at their store whether you bought it there or not. I’ll be posting something about e-waste (discarded electrical equipment like computers and printers) soon, so it’s on my mind, but I thought I’d share this article with you… Read more »