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Cutting out the plastic bags

This is a great link to a site that illustrates the importance of cutting back the use of plastic bags globally. Great photos and quick facts – worth sharing this link with others! According to this piece, China will save 37 million barrels of oil this year due to their ban of free plastic bags…. Read more »

Videos from Fremont Fest Pet Parade!

Here’s a video of people assembling for the parade (Aug 08) and for the costume judging contest HReXZo6iJ8A And here’s a video of people and dogs marching – check out the Boston Terrier Drill Team in action! R23nVeII5M0 For photos, check out

Check out the Fremont Fest Pet Parade!

What fun we had this year at the 4th annual Fremont Fest Pet Parade! More than 40 dogs attended, many of whom were in costume. The Fremont Fest Parade is made up of a firetruck, a few hundred kids on decorated bikes, some old cars, and of course the Green Dog Pet Parade! Another treat… Read more »

A tip on getting your cats to drink more water

Cats often do not drink enough water to stay as hydrated as they should be. This is because cats in the wild would get a lot of moisture from eating raw prey, but cats in our homes who are fed dry kibble are not getting that valuable hydration from their food. (Please see the blog… Read more »

Blue has a nightmare

One of our customers has a dog named Blue that runs in his sleep. I wonder how he gets any rest at all! His people made a funny video of him as if he was having a nightmare about wearing a funny Halloween costume. vK8ZbdJeJAc

Talking Kitties

Have you seen this yet? Insanely cute video of happy kitties vocalizing: z3U0udLH974 And here’s a clever translation: 1JynBEX_kg8

Perhaps a Little Activism on Earth Day??

I just took a flight out to the east coast to visit friends and my folks. I was fairly shocked to realize that none of the 3 airlines I was on recycled their aluminum cans. It may seem like a little thing to worry about, but according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, about 780… Read more »