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Foxes Jumping on Trampolines

c8xJtH6UcQY Here’s the original link to this video You know, there are actually people in the world that don’t believe that animals play. Apparently trampolines are fun for foxes everywhere – here’s another and these aren’t the only ones I found! IdPI50E0Zdo&NR=1

Cats are so Helpful

Here’s a funny link to a page detailing how “helpful” this person’s 2 cats are with the tree decorating. Looks like this is something the kitties look forward to every year.  Happy Holidays!

Opt out of Unsolicited Yellow Pages

I’ve often been frustrated when yet another phone directory is plonked onto my front porch. I don’t really use them any more – this computer here does a good job of finding things. Not only that, but there are multiple companies putting out yellow page type books, so volume after volume gets delivered, making me… Read more »

Pit Bulls in the News

Lately we’ve had a surge in sensational stories about pit bulls on the news. It’s a terrible shame, as * any * poorly socialized dog has the potential to be dangerous. Many bites from many breeds of dogs go unreported, and very few make the news. Pit Bulls almost always make the news, giving the… Read more »

viral dog and cat videos

These two videos have been all over the internet these past few weeks. If you haven’t seen them, they’re worth checking out! Roomba Cat: LQ-jv8g1YVI Check out this completely insane dog: ONT4MQaEkJ0&feature=related

Funny Cat jumps into Boxes

These clips have surfaced on a lot of sites, and they do make me chuckle. As a cat lover, I’d have to say that the funny thing about cats is they all seem to be slightly crazy in their own unique way. This loopy cat seems a bit obsessed with jumping into boxes for fun…. Read more »

Recycle your old Political Signs!

What a great post I found on Ecometro. They not only give local recycling info about where you can bring your old campaign yard signs, they also tell you how to make other cool things from them, like fenders or panniers (carrying bags) for your bicycle. Here’s the link.  Anyone have other nifty ideas for… Read more »

Make your own pet bed

Times are tough and beds can be expensive. I found a couple of cute links for making pet beds out of things you might have lying around the house. Save money and recycle household items that might otherwise be landfilled. Check out this link for how to make a cat bed out of an old… Read more »