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The Dominance Myth in Dog Training is Debunked Again

New Study backs up what many good trainers know already- blaming dominance for bad behavior in dogs is way off the mark, and can make matters far worse. Check out this link

High drama

Yesterday was a busy one for mom, as there was a squirrel in the bamboo, and the fool thing seemed stuck up there. It clearly was physically OK and could have left if it wanted to, but it seemed paralyzed with some sort of deep-seated anxiey. He stayed stock still wherever he was, but mom… Read more »

Exciting day – flying!

Two days ago they looked really big. Their bills were getting longer, their feathers looked just about ready, and they were very visible from down below. From above it’s looking pretty tight in that nest Yesterday they seemed more upwardly oriented. One of them in particular started to seem really restless I got one of… Read more »


It’s getting crowded in the nest. You can pretty easily see them from the ground now, as they’re overflowing the edges of the nest. Yesterday they had noticable new tail feathers, and mom is actively preening their wings each time she feeds them. The day before we had a big rainstorm and I went up… Read more »

She’s Already Building Her Next Nest!

How interesting this all is! Yesterday (day 14 from first hatching) the mother started construction on her next nest in the other bamboo planter in our courtyard.  I heard her fly in, so stopped to watch what I thought would be her hunting for insects for the babies. Instead, she landed on a branch and… Read more »

2 Funny Videos

Check out this great dog trick! _gePEIFgdYM Some of you might remember this funny cat from a previous post Here’s a new one that made me laugh hard 3-inlzQxBRc

Beautiful Canine Freestyle

Check out this beautiful Canine Freestyle video. For you horse people, you’ll recognize a lot of dressage moves – amazing that she could convey those to the dog – some fabulous training in action and really nice to watch QhabcBUCdEk

Dominance-based Training Leads to Aggression

As a trainer and a retail pet supply store owner, I’m often in a situation where I can help someone through a problem. There are other times, however, where I see someone doing something so terribly wrong, so injurious to a dog’s behavior, and the person can’t seem to hear me when I try and… Read more »